is an intuitive AI chatbot builder designed to enhance customer interaction and support on your website. It allows you to create a chatbot trained on the content of your webpages, documents, and more, which can then be integrated into your website to function as a question-answer bot. This platform supports a wide range of content types, including text, sitemaps, PDF, DOC, DOCX, CSV, XLS files, Google Sheets, and YouTube video URLs, making it easy to incorporate your existing content into the chatbot. offers extensive customisation options, enabling you to personalise the welcome message, bot avatar, colours, and more to match your brand’s voice. It also securely stores chat history, providing valuable insights based on this history. The platform supports over 95 languages and allows for the creation of chatbots with different personas. With seamless integration into WordPress websites and the ability to connect to over 5000+ apps through Zapier, is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to elevate their online presence with AI-powered chatbots

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