Adobe has introduced a new AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat, enhancing the functionality of these widely used software for handling PDFs. This innovative feature brings conversational AI capabilities to trillions of PDFs, making it easier for users to interact with their documents. The AI Assistant is designed to provide a more intuitive and efficient experience, allowing users to engage with their PDFs in a conversational manner, streamlining tasks and improving productivity. With this new addition, Adobe aims to revolutionize how individuals interact with PDFs, offering a more user-friendly and interactive approach to working with digital documents. The AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat by Adobe represents a significant advancement in the realm of PDF management, catering to the needs of users seeking a more interactive and efficient way to handle their documents. By integrating conversational AI into these platforms, Adobe has opened up new possibilities for users to engage with their PDFs, enabling smoother navigation, quicker access to information, and enhanced productivity. This product not only simplifies the user experience but also showcases

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